I cannot say enough kind words about these folks.  Their work is always done on time, I am always greeted by name as if I'm their only customer and they do a great job at cleaning my clothes at a reasonable price.

But the best thing of all happened to me today.  I had accidentally left $300 cash in one of my suit pockets and left the suit with all the other clothes for cleaning. The next day after dropping off the clothes, I got a call from an employee telling me about the misplaced cash and when would I be able to pick it up? Can you believe that type of honesty in today's world?  I guess it just really impressed me. 

They are a wonderful, reliable and trustworthy business and I would strongly encourage anyone to become a regular customer.

Arlington, VA

The father and son who run the place are the nicest people.  There is another guy who's always there that is super friendly as well.  They go above and beyond usually offering to carry the clothes out to the car if I have a lot.

Arlington, VA

​Every now and again you have an amazing experience and want to shout it from the rooftops.  Allow me to do so!  This morning I spilled Starbucks coffee all over a brand new pale pink suit jacket. Knowing that coffee stains, I raced to my Arlington dry cleaner at (removed), who unfortunately told me her machine was already turned off.  In desperation, I went across the street to Eagle Cleaners, whom I had never visited, despite living down the street for the past 13 years. Matt, the son, was "THE BOMB." He asked if I might have a few  minutes to wait, and offered to try to clean the jacket right there on the spot.  Ten minutes later, he reappeared with my jacket FULLY CLEANED.  I nearly broke into tears with happiness (yes, I know, I should not get attached to inanimate objects, but this was the jacket to a very cute suit)!  I told him that whatever he was going to charge me, I'd pay double. His response?  "I'm not going to charge you a thing.  It's my good deed for the day."  Seriously?! Who does that?!  He absolutely would not accept my money, so the only way I can think to pay him back is to tell everyone how awesome he/Eagle Cleaners are...and to start bringing them my regular cleanings.  Thanks again, Matt!

Arlington, VA

We have been Eagle Cleaners customers since they opened. Even though we have moved to Fairfax, we continue to use Eagle Cleaners. Their VIP service, where we drop off without waiting is really convenient as is having our cleaning charged to our credit card. We took our daughter's wedding dress to them and they worked and worked on it because she had way too much fun wearing it well into the evening for the after reception party. Even though we said it didn't need to be that great, their professional pride didn't allow them to give it to us without being cleaned to their standards. During Thanksgiving week, we called on Wednesday morning to find out if items dropped off Monday evening could be ready by noon Friday (since we were going out of town.) We didn't even have to call them Friday to make sure because by 10 AM, they had called US to let us know. Now that is service!

Fairfax Station, VA

Super people and great service. They always go the extra mile. I will be a life long customer.  

Yorktown, VA

I recently came her after my comforter was poorly cleaned by another dry cleaner. There were a bunch of black spots on my comforter that I couldn't get out. Eagle Cleaners was able to take care of everything and now my comforter looks like new. They pick up dry cleaning from my apartment complex and then drop it off. Wicked easy and super great service!I will be using them again in the future.

Alexandria, VA

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